About Candace

I am the owner and founder of Shifting Light Studio. I am a mother of 2 incredible children and the oldest sibling of 3. I am a ret. Med Tech turned Holistic healer. I am a Yoga teacher, retreat facilitator, energy worker and Naturopath. I have a deep passion to serve the community and help others feel whole within themselves.
I have a solid background in medicine beginning with my time in a Dr’s office as an unlicensed practical nurse then to the CAF as a medical technician. I’ve since deepened my understanding of Anatomy and Physiology through my Yoga Teachers Certification as well as a Holistic Manual Body Certification that taught a combination of Thai massage (stretching) and shiatsu massage (gentle hands on massage/meridian clearing) which helped create the practioner I am today.
I also have the energy aspect that really started this journey for me personally. Taking my initial Reiki training is what truly sent me down this path of embracing holistic healing methods outside of the typical medication route. Taking my Yoga Teachers training is when I was able to recognize the effects of our thoughts on our bodies and the sensations within our bodies on our thoughts. 
We, as a society, are locked in Fight or Flight. Sometimes as young as birth! We have become so busy with doing that we have learned to disregard our physical needs and this is creating disease in the body. When our nervous system is “stuck” in our fear response the rest of our nervous system can no longer do its job. All of the training I have accumulated over these last 5 or so years has really been centered on creating a safe place within your own body to start to heal all that ailes you.
Whether you suffer from mental health concerns such as: anxiety or depression, physical ailgments like: tension or pain, sleep issues, fatigue, have experienced trauma or are just plain overwhelmed from these last 3 years of trying to survive; then a treatment just might be the answer to helping you start to feel better again!