At Shifting Light Studio the focus is on healing and connection. One great way to super charge your healing journey is by having at least one Nautrotherapy treatment.

Naturopathic medicine and healing has a wide scope. Candace has honed her skills and had claimed body work as specialty as a Naturotherapist. She use massage techniques to bring the body into its rest and relax state and works to help balance the nervous system. Body work is very important in self care. A combination of stretching, fascia work, acupressure and energy healing makes up her treatment sessions.

Through science science and energy and body work she is able to help the body to release the stress it’s been carrying so that when your session is done you feel more clear, your body feels loose, energy level goes up and you leave feeling relaxed and more connected to yourself.

There are 30,45,60 and 90 minute treatments available.

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Fights the root cause.

Has no side effects.

Improves overall wellness

Safe for all ages

Boosts energy

Boosts Mood

Balances bodily functions