Time of Reflection

February for many of us in this hemisphere is about hibernation of sorts. Winter is nearing its end, spring hasn’t yet arrived and it’s still cold, dark and dreary feeling. We’re starting to feel restless because we are yearning for Mr Sun to show his face again, we’re feeling frustration at a long winter and missing our tribe and the wonder, warmth and newness that spring brings us each year.

This year is no different. It’s been a long old winter and many of us (who am I kidding, all of us) have been dealing with breaking some serious patterns, releasing all that no longer

aligns with us and delving deep into our psyche to gain a better and more soul aligned understanding of what it is we’re here for. A time of rest and recuperation if you will, a time to dig into the very depths of our souls and decide exactly what it is we need the most. We have been shaken to the very core of our being. Forced to look at all the hurt, the pain, the confusion and the most painful parts of our human existence to gain a clearer understanding of who we are now.

We are no longer who we were last year that’s for certain and most definitely not who we were 3 years ago! We have that new baby smell now, so much so that we are struggling to even know who we are anymore. The self doubt has creeped in because this growth process that been so profound, so fast and so intense that we’re now trying to catch up. The universe planned it this way… Set the stage for us to spend this Winter in particular, deep within ourselves so we know exactly what seeds to plant for the coming spring. We have grown, we have healed in ways we have yet to understand, we have released and acknowledged more layers then ever before and we’re ready to embark on our new paths. Whether that be in business, in spirit or in relationship it matters not.

We are doing the hard work now, the hardest in many ways. Sitting with ourselves, no external distractions to pull us away from the feelings. The feelings that have been bottled for longer then we can even remember. I know for me some feelings seemingly come out of nowhere with no true reason that I can understand at that moment… That’s okay though, we don’t always need to understand because they could be coming from past life, decades ago in this life or they might not even be our own. The only thing that matters is that we are willing to acknowledge them, feel them, release that particular layer and love ourselves even in the most uncomfortable times. This winter has had the theme of learning to love the self from day one, especially the parts we’ve been programmed to hide, from others and especially from ourselves.

We no longer have the option to hide anymore though if we want to move forward and break the ties to the past we’ve been carrying! The only option we have now is to truly get real, to dig deep and to rewire our very being. Each time we peel back another layer to be healed we’re literally healing our very DNA at the molecular level and reteaching ourselves, society and our children a new way to live. We’re learning that love is what makes the greatest difference and that it MUST start at home, in our own hearts and within our own being and essence.

True change only happens from within. We have dreams and aspirations to heal the world and others around us but to do so we must practice what we preach. We must be willing to heal ourselves first, we must be willing to peel the layers back one at a time. When we practice what we preach we are impacting Unity Consciousness in miraculous ways! Keep planting the seeds, spring is coming and with it comes growth and beginnings!

I can help you start peeling back the layers but the work is ALWAYS done from within, I simply ease the process and guide.