New Beginnings

Can you see the connections I laid out in the previous article?

Are you as intrigued and excited as I was?

Do you see the intricate unseen line that connects us all in ways we don’t always see right away?

Needless to say I was more excited to go to class then I ever thought possible. I finally felt

like I was making a decision that was in my best interest, like I was finally catching on and as though I was exactly where I was meant to be (even though I was still standing in the blaze watching the life I once lived turn to ashes) for the first time in my entire life.

I was so excited for class to start on 22 April 2017 that I arrived over an hour early!!!! I had never met my teacher before so I was quite embarrassed to have shown up so early (I am generally really organized) but her warm welcome helped to ease my discomfort and bring a smile to my face at the clear excitement I must have been feeling. Little did I know that day was going to be the day (one of many as you will see when you continue reading on) that changed my entire outlook on all that was going on in my life at that time.

I see how very different I am now in comparison to that fateful day I arrived to class filled with rage, frustration, pain, confusion and an overall deep seated sadness that I carried with me daily. Not to mention the chip on my shoulder that went with it, the hardened heart and the closed off way I dealt with everyone I came into contact with. It was me against the world (or the world against me if I am truly being honest) only being in that room, surrounded by others who were also struggling in some area of life and looking for answers as well as meeting the women who would help me find my own voice changed me somehow. I did not tell my story that day but boy did I cry, openly in “public” for the first time in my life.

If you were raised like I was emotion was to be hidden (if allowed out at all) and tears were certainly not to be shed in front of strangers, yet here I was sitting in this room with tears rolling down my face and a deep knowing that I was safe to let it out. I realized then that I was surrounded by people who were like me, only I was just figuring out who I was and why I had built the walls I’d built… This is the day I started researching empath and exactly what that means.

Do you remember in childhood being told you were too sensitive, crying often, having feelings you couldn’t explain or just knowing how someone was feeling? How about having complete strangers telling their entire story or those times when you just know someone isn’t being genuine but have no idea how you know? You might be an empath!

They say knowledge is power and in this situation it truly is, once we are aware of our OWN energy field, emotions and the non-stop thoughts that run through our mind (whether we’re aware of these thoughts or not is a story for another day) we are then able to decipher what’s ours and this is the most empowering experience of all! This is taking back your power and your life and standing tall in your very own Truth!

We are placed here to become the fully empowered and truest version of ourselves, to share our light and to love unconditionally. Are you ready to take back your life?