More Synchronicity

I was thrilled to be attending Reiki level 1 in just a short week and seemed to understand deep inside that the Theta healing that had been gifted was the reason that door was opened, almost as though the universe could see that I was truly ready this time so doors started flying open to help the process.

If you remember in my last article I had mentioned just

switching Reiki Practitioners only had not yet met her. I called my dear friend to make sure that if I went to my session that it would not undo the healing I had just received as I was still so very new to energy healing, after short discussion she reminded me that it would only help move the energy and toxins out of my body and do far more good then harm.

I see now that I was scared to move forward because I could feel something was about to shift. This fear came up to see if I was still ready, often when we receive energy healing our body must make room for these new higher frequencies. When making the call to book that first healing my physical body took ill, the healer educated me on why this could happen.

In essence when we make a deal with the universe to embrace wellness the universe starts moving mountains to ensure we receive all the healing we need at that time, this sometimes causes what’s called a healing crisis (our body starts purging all toxins, emotions and energy that no longer serves our highest good) which is our bodies way of embracing the healing energy flowing in.

This was my first lesson in true self-care, the universe and my physical body were helping me and it was time for me to help myself. Typically I would push through, stay up late, not drink enough water and sleep very little in an attempt to “stay on top of responsibilities” only this evening I chose to heal. I drank plenty of water infused with lemon, took an Epsom salt bath (which assists in releasing toxins and healing physical pain in the body) and used a guided meditation for the first time ever! I woke the next day feeling healthier than ever before; more rested as I had gone to bed early and provided my body with the time, tools and space needed to truly rest and allow the healing to take place.

That day in April was one of the many days I can remember that reinforced the path I had recently chosen and started the whirlwind of incredible healing I was about to embark on.

Now back to my new practitioner, I had only spoken to her on the phone but was looking forward to meeting in person. When I walked into her healing room connections started to bombard me and I knew that I had found my place, found my people and that life was about to get really fucking good!!

The circle was officially complete, I had just realized the intricate circle of healing that was started in huge part by my dear friend Patty. Remember I had just received Theta and while receiving this an email came in to confirm class details for my level 1 Reiki, take a guess at who taught my teacher?! Could it be the lovely soul who I was connected to because of a loving gift??


This already had me grinning because I was starting to see the connections and then low and behold my new practitioner just so happened to be taught by my very own (soon to be) mentor, the woman who was about to help me step into my own healing power in a few short days… All gets revealed when we’re ready to see, are you ready to see the connections?

Follow me then!