I don’t know about the rest of you but man have I ever been feeling the energy coming in from all planets being direct, the full moon, the eclipse and the final ending of this past chapter of my life. This phase we are in seems to be one of complete limbo. The past not fully released

and put to bed yet, the days flying by with incredible speed and integration and the future not yet fully materialized in a way that we can see, feel or touch yet… I feel it there though, just within my grasp, moments from being fully manifested.

I have spent this last week or two fully engulfed inside.. Looking at shadows that were begging for deeper understanding, love, forgiveness and compassion. I noticed that when I was fighting these rolling emotions that the suffering (self-induced) seemed almost unbearable at times HOWEVER this perception of suffering actually served to release unresolved emotional blocks, bring a deeper understanding of my own patterns of behaviour (which once served to protect but are now are only acts of sabotage) and instill a new understanding of forgiveness and compassion for myself and others in my life.

There’s nothing more empowering than realizing we are creating our own pain by the story we tell ourselves. We all have these old misconceptions or perceptions based on how we were treated in the past but we often forget that just because it happened once doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again…

Say a new love interest comes into your life, they are genuine, kind, caring and are doing the best they can with the societal programming they themselves have been subjected to (just like you, we all come with our own bag to unpack) but something they have said or done brings up a painful emotional response. We sit in that emotional response, we run the “old” story and we cause more suffering. Maybe we react, maybe we do or say something that’s hurtful and then feel guilty. Maybe we run away from the feelings instead of facing them or become overwhelmed and call it quits. Maybe we needed to run these old storylines to fully understand ourselves and our partner in a deeper, more loving and forgiving way.

The realization that maybe, just maybe the other person intended no harm at all, was simply running their own “old” story and is also suffering their own self-induced pain. Remembering that we are Divine beings having a human experience and showing compassion for yourself and others is the way through the clouds. The sun always shines even when we are unable to see it. The Moon always rises behind the clouds. The only difference is our own perspective and the glasses we choose to look through on any given day.

We are being pushed, now more than ever to look at our own pain, our own shadows and our own part in the way our lives have physically manifested. It’s becoming more and more clear that we alone have the power to create the life of our dreams. First we must release the decade old programming, see the story we tell ourselves for what it really is (old hurt surfacing, old ways to protect ourselves) and fully embrace the Love that we are. We are no longer living in the past, we are no longer who we once were and we no longer must hold ourselves back from the pure love that is our very essence.

Maybe our mission here is to remember that we all need forgiveness, we all need compassion and we are all doing our best.