Honour Yourself

Love… What does this word bring up for you? Does it bring up only joyful, peaceful thoughts and feelings or does it bring up shadows? If you’re like me it brings up both. It brings up heartbreak and heartache but also the beautiful warm, light feeling we get with

those we most care about. To love is to feel joy and pain, sometimes at the same time. To love another is to love yourself because we are all one. To hate another is to hate the self because we are all one.

We all want to love another and to be loved. It’s what we’re taught from day one… Women are supposed to find their Prince Charming who’s going to sweep them off their feet and save them from danger, at least that’s what television and movies try to teach us. We are teaching men that they are supposed to save us women and fix everything (no pressure or anything) and we are teaching women that to be whole we must have a man who can fix everything and save us from ourselves.

Well I call bullshit!

We are doing society and our children a huge disservice by sticking to this patriarchal way of behaving and thinking. Why are we not teaching our children that they are enough, that they are loved and that there’s not one person in this world that can make them whole but themselves… Why are we still teaching little girls that if a boy picks on her that it’s because he likes her and teaching our boys that women aren’t interested in the nice guy only the bad boy?

We need to stop doing this! It’s doing nothing but teaching each new generation to settle for less than they deserve, to have unrealistic expectations and forgetting the only love that really matters.

What if the person you love doesn’t love you back? Does that mean you are less deserving of love? What if the person you love (who also loves you) is unable to give you what you need? Does that mean you should settle for less then what you deserve, that you should compromise your needs to make sure the other is getting what they need? What if someone tells you they love you but the way they treat you tells you the opposite? Should you listen to the words or start looking instead at the actions?

This is the lesson that I’m learning myself (again ?). These are the questions I asked myself and hope that my girls will someday think to ask. Now when asking these questions the only person who really matters is YOU. We can love another person more than anything and still need to make the choice to walk away because of the detriment to our own health. This is what we need to remember, especially now, particularly with all the incredible energy shifts we are experiencing as the world ascends. You need to remember what is best for you and only you, that is not selfish, it’s called self-love.

The feminine was taught that you lay in the bed you made, you don’t complain and you continue to give until there’s but a shell of the original self left and the masculine has been taught to use power, money and intimidation to take what they want. These old teachings must be shed and replaced with the true essence of the masculine and the feminine… We have both masculine and feminine energy coursing through our physical bodies. If you believe we’ve lived many lives then you know we have physically been both at one time or another.

The ONLY way this will ever change is to start truly going inside and listening to what your inner child and your heart is saying to you. We never need to settle for less than we deserve. If you’re the only one giving in a relationship then resentments build and walls grow and we forget that we are enough all on our own. We forget that we are Divine beings having a human experience, we forget that we are Love, it’s our true essence.

We must teach our children (and ourselves!) that love from others doesn’t make us who we are, we make us who we are by the way we choose to love ourselves. How are you choosing to honour yourself right now?

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