Time of Reflection

February for many of us in this hemisphere is about hibernation of sorts. Winter is nearing its end, spring hasn’t yet arrived and it’s still cold, dark and dreary feeling. We’re starting to feel restless because we are yearning for Mr Sun to show his face again, we’re feeling frustration at a long winter and […]

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Honour Yourself

Loveā€¦ What does this word bring up for you? Does it bring up only joyful, peaceful thoughts and feelings or does it bring up shadows? If you’re like me it brings up both. It brings up heartbreak and heartache but also the beautiful warm, light feeling we get with

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New Year

I felt the walls melt away in many areas, started truly speaking my truth in a way that could be received and finally let go of the rush to DO and instead chose to do the opposite, nothing at all (or as little as possible anyway).

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