Knowing that it would of been foolish to turn down a gift of healing I graciously accepted my dear friends offer. She made all the arrangements on my behalf all I had to do was call and book an appointment. Knowing me, I likely dragged my feet and waited a couple days before making the call to book but I did get around to it and life as I knew it began to completely change!

I had recently booked an appointment with

a new Reiki practitioner but still had a couple days before I would meet her so was looking forward to the theta healing that evening. I was feeling quite under the weather actually, I had woke that morning with what seemed to be The Man Cold ? Luckily I had a late start to the day because I was on a course for work so decided it was time to start looking at all I had to be grateful for instead of wallowing in self-pity because I wasn’t feeling well.

I had always heard people say to look on the bright side only when I looked at the current situation I was struggling to see any light. I had just recently read an article on gratitude that basically said those who appreciate what they already have manifest more “good” into their lives than those who focus on what they don’t want or on lack of and that when you write out what you’re grateful for it automatically attracts more. This brought me to the law of attraction, meaning like attracts like. Say good words, receive good words; send out hate, receive hate…. I figured there was no harm in looking at my life and finding things to be grateful for so that’s what I did, I wrote about how grateful I was to have a roof over my head, hot coffee, a vehicle to drive, a late start to the day… I have continued with this daily routine and have learned that when grateful for what we already have in our lives that our lives change in miraculous ways!

I digress though, speaking on gratitude is a story for another day! Let’s go back to why I originally started writing this, synchronicity.

That evening after class I received my gifted Theta healing, it was a deep delve to heal decade old wounds that had never fully been acknowledged, felt or given the time they deserve to heal. That being said I am learning that we heal these age old wounds and come full circle again to relook at them and heal them on a deeper level as we progress, learn, acknowledge and embrace these wounds in love.

While I was receiving my healing I received an email from my (now) mentor and teacher, Jocelyn, with information about Level 1 Reiki. This is the beautiful level that allows us to give ourselves reiki to enhance all areas of our lives, clear our energy field and restart our life flow energy again which effectively unblocks our chakras! I realized that day that taking action to heal the oldest wounds I was still carrying is what opened the doors to allow Reiki to find me, so I could start the process of digging deep and truly embracing healing!

Sometimes we must look at the very first shadow that’s crossed our path to truly understand how we’ve created the life we are currently living (intended or not) to be able to release those age old wounds and start with a clean slate. Now this doesn’t mean what happened no longer matters or that it doesn’t still hurt sometimes but it moves us away from being a victim of circumstance to a place of internal empowerment where we understand that we are truly the creator of our lives, we only need to be willing to try something different.

Are you ready to try a different way?

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