Fast Forward

Let’s fast forward to April 2017. I had been receiving Reiki on a regular basis to get me through the months of turmoil I was still in the midst of. I looked forward to the hour of peace each week and the days after where I was still able to stay away from reacting to my emotions and instead was processing the emotions, allowing them to flow and acknowledging them so they could move out to make room for healing.

The mental health services I was currently receiving were

doing more harm than good as I wasn’t feeling validated to have the feelings I was having so I’d taken my health into my own hands… I started looking locally for someone to take Reiki training from so I could do Reiki on myself daily. I had sent out emails to gather information about classes only wasn’t receiving any answers.

I was still consumed in many ways with fear, lack of money and an overall frustration at the life I was living. Knowing I wasn’t close to being done the journey yet, still trying to figure out my place in this world and wondering why some have trauma after trauma and others seem to float through life untouched by darkness. I was still feeling overwhelmed, distraught and just plain exhausted and yet I knew there had to be something I could do! So I phoned a friend and this is where synchronicity really kicked into overdrive!! I was blessed to have some AMAZING friends HOWEVER one in particular totally changed the direction my life was about to take.

She truly was an Earth Angel only didn’t know it, she walked this Earth sending out pure Love and turning others garbage into uplifting pieces of art. She just happened to be the friend I called that day. We were discussing the blazing fire that was still my life and what I was doing to scrape by emotionally, physically and mentally when she asked me if I was ready to truly move past the pain I carried like a shield… I told her (in FAR more colourful words) that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, that I was done with being a victim of circumstance and just simply couldn’t take it anymore, to which she replied “It’s about GOD DAMN time!” She’s one of the few who could call me on my shit, get away with and make me laugh at the same time.

My beautiful friend then offered me the gift of healing, she knew that the particular issue I was in the midst of was one of many buried wounds that had started when I was a child. She seemed to know that until I healed those or at the very least started to look at those as the basis for where I currently stood getting burned, that nothing would ever change and the circle would continue.

Each of us has something from the past that still hurts us or causes us to make decisions from a place of fear only we rarely make the connection that our current living experience is a direct result of hauling around years of bottled pain and emotion from the past. My dear friend knew though, she knew that the load was too much to carry anymore and that it was time to get real.

This Earth Angel that I was blessed to call a friend gifted me a theta healing with Pamela Nadeau that opened the floodgates to true healing and set me on the path I’m on now and oh what a path it is!