New Year

We made it to 2019, a touch disheveled, maybe a little worse for wear and a look of complete confusion but we made it! Boy was 2018 ever a roller-coaster eh! I know for me I feel like a different person now then when we were coming into 2018. I feel more rooted in my true essence, have shed so many layers of skin I’m now fresh as a baby in many ways, have lost many along the way and

have gained so many more, have kept the really friggin great ones and built deeper connection with them and I’ve let go of the bulk of my past…

What a way to enter into a new year! Almost like that new car smell!! With this brings uncertainty though (living the human existence and all) and a question about what exactly we’re supposed to do now… I don’t know about you guys but I know that I left behind soooooo much baggage in 2018 that I was left feeling weightless, almost a floating feeling as we waded through Christmas and all that the holidays bring, the family gatherings, the time with friends and family and the time to completely reset and get ready for all that this New Year is going to bring.

Many of us walked away from careers, relationships and the standards we set on ourselves from the preconditioning we subjected ourselves to for so many years. Many of us found our light, found our voices and deepened our connection to our soul tribe as we shed the skin that was weighing us down. I spent these last couple weeks reminding myself exactly why I felt as though I was floating…

I reminded myself all that had been washed away, all that had left and all the incredible blessings that had taken root in its place. That’s what I held onto during this Christmas break. The new normal we have created for ourselves. I allowed myself to rest, to go inside and to really feel into this new energy, the last two weeks of December were, for me, the most fast tracked healing I’ve experienced yet… I felt the walls melt away in many areas, started truly speaking my truth in a way that could be received and finally let go of the rush to DO and instead chose to do the opposite, nothing at all (or as little as possible anyway). This went against every fiber of my original being which is how I was able to recognize that this was my internal guidance coming through.

Sometimes we miss the guidance because that little voice inside often sounds like our very own voice.. so we question it, we play it off like our ego or monkey mind and we struggle to hear the guidance because it goes against our typical behaviour…That my friends is how to decipher guidance vs monkey mind, if it’s the opposite of what you would generally do, if it makes you uncomfortable, triggers emotions that have lain dormant for too long to count and sounds like something you would never say or do then it’s very likely your guides and higher self are trying to tell you something. The trick is to listen and to feel into the guidance being given, to see how it makes you feel, think and act.

Is it an idea that you would normally scoff at but showing up at a time where you’ve been asking for guidance and help? Then you my dear are being guided toward your truest self. I have never been a quitter, I instead always chose to stay uncomfortable, to disregard the gut feelings and to continue to push through (because hard work pays off right?! ?) only this time I finally listened… I left behind a career that simply no longer breathes life into my being, I chose to take time to release all the emotional baggage that went with walking away from that kind of financial security and I rested when I “should” of been killing myself to find another job, to get back to the 9-5 grind (because that’s what I’ve always done) and I chose my own health and well-being over money this time.

What did you choose to do that’s completely different this past year? What voice inside did you ignore? Are you listening to the voice inside or fighting it? Let’s talk about it, let me help you align with your purpose on this Earth.